Vijay Pawar MD- Mirador Construction support and appeals Save Water Marathon 2016

Mirador Corporate film

Mirador Utsaav SSC

Based on the theme "Homes Inspired by you" talking about community benefits

Mirador Ustav 03

Based on the theme "Love blossoms at Mirador Utsaav" and having a couple featuring in it

Mirador Ustav 02

Based on the theme "Aapka ghar aapke liye hamesha" and showing a couple transitting into a new phase in their lives by welcoming the news of the wife's pregnancy

Mirador Ustav 01

Based on the theme "Utsaav zindagi bhar sath nibhane ka" and showing a couple joyfully enter their new home

Vasant Lambate Testimonial

A client whose name is Vasant Lamabate who invested in the Oasis project speaks about his reasons to invest in the project and also his experience dealing with Mirador in this video. The speaker speaks in a regional language, Marathi.


A client whose name is Sandhya Chandra speaks of her experience dealing with Mirador. She has highlighted the benefits of investing in Oasis. She has mentioned the advantages of going with Mirador. She has highly recommended Mr Vijay Pawar thereby directly endorsing him to the audiences. The speaker has spoken in the language, English.


Based on the theme "Aapka ghar aapke liye hamesha", having a couple featuring in it celebrating Diwali in a joyous mood


Based on the theme "Yaadon ka aashiyana", showing a joint family celebrating a birthday


Based on the theme "Utsaav apno ke sath ka" showing a happy family watching a cricket match and enjoying every moment with a sense of joy and thrill

Oasis Avani

Shows the Avani Estate project. It uses different images in different frames to talk about it but none of the project itself

Oasis Avani

Shows the Avani Estate project. It's a video featuring the Avani property in its untouched and truest form.

Utsaav Walkthrough

Walks us a through Utsaav project

Utsaav introduction on Zee 24 Taas

It's a segment hosted on Zee 24 taas. It has Vijay Sir taking people through the project and all the details related to it.