Unity In Community
05-Jul-2017 Real Estate

Community is not something you can define geographically, with precise boundaries and a certain set of people. Communities can also be specified by a common cultural heritage, language, and beliefs or shared interests. Even though we do not acknowledge it often, we are all a part of multiple communities. It can be your family, neighbours, friends, college, work or even the gym you go to. Knowingly or unknowingly, these communities have a great impact on each individual’s life and it is important for us to know the importance of it.

How long has it been since you’ve gotten up, relaxed and spoken to your family, neighbours, friends and others, asked them how they are, instead of just rushing off to work, coming back, going to sleep just to mindlessly follow the same routine over and over again? Working with people, asking them for the long lost file but not asking about their recently wedded life doesn’t seem very caring, does it? After years of doing the same thing, isn’t there a tiny part of you that tells you to cut through this unmindfulness and, for once, bring up a conversation that, even for a minute puts a smile on your colleagues face? This is what it means to be a part of the community. Now we can’t expect everyone to be the same as us. But at least we can expect something that is different from our regular selves.

It has been decades that you have been staying in your home but what happens behind the adjacent doors, you never know. On a holiday,  have you made sure to go past the last name basis with your neighbour, invited them in for a cup of chai and shared a few stories? Even for a gesture this small, it takes a lot of love in your heart. Love for others, their well being and most of all, love for the community. MIRADOR as a community, focuses on such community development and shares the social responsibilities towards the society. Mirador’s core strength is based on courage, achievements, respect, responsibility, integrity and transparency. These values are chosen not just for the company and the people interacting with it, but it is for everyone to follow and implement in their own lives.
So the next time you see your neighbour, waiting for the elevator or picking up the newspaper, ask them how they’re doing or simply just say “hi” and the conversation will flow. In this world filled with competition and negativity, there needs to be some positiveness. Be that unexpected shower of rain on a really hot day that leaves a smile on everyone’s face. Find that UNITY in your COMMUNITY and spread humanity, for being human is above them all.