Shahapur- A Newer and Better Mumbai
28-Mar-2017 Real Estate

In 2018, the need for living in an urban area and having access to all the facilities has become the top priority for everyone. People from villages and small towns migrate to Mumbai in search of jobs, better lifestyle and well being. Even though the living conditions aren’t up to their liking, the fact that they’re settled in India’s topmost financial hub makes them happy. But is this the right way to perceive what happy living is?

Shahapur has always been a connecting point for most of the regions in Maharashtra. At present, it is the biggest taluka in Thane district. Being the midpoint of Mumbai-Pune-Nagpur, Shahapur holds a lot of geographical importance in various aspects of connectivity and development. Talking about connectivity, we can find 7 railway stations within Shahapur itself, all of which are close to the National Highway. The proposed eighth station- Savroli will be connecting Asangaon and Atgaon railway stations.

Development in Shahapur holds a lot of scope. Since its upgradation from Gram Panchayat to Nagar Parishad, Shahapur has been allocated funds for development. Shahapur falls under Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) planned by the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corridor (DMICDC). This project will cover 7 states namely Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Maharashtra. DMIC is conceived to be developed as a Model Industrial Corridor of international standards with emphasis on expanding the manufacturing and services base and develop DMIC as the ‘Global Manufacturing and Trading Hub’. It aims to triple industrial output in 9 years and quadruple exports from the region in 8-9 years and this will boost Shahapur’s economy drastically as Shahapur is the closest residential zone of the project.

On the other hand, a new 8 lane highway is being constructed between Mumbai & Nashik which will urbanize the entire area. The urbanization has a professional touch given by 60 developers in and around the area and a new project is proposed every 4 months. The Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg which will pass through Shahapur will link various agro and industrial nodes of the state to key consumer markets of Nagpur and Mumbai.

What makes Shahapur different than the typical metropolitan cities is that it is declared as a No Chemical Industrial Zone because of fresh water supply to Mumbai of 2900 megalitres per day. This water is supplied from the four dams in Shahapur at Tansa, Bhatsa, Vaitarna and Modak Sagar. With tons of advantages, Shahapur excels in beauty too. There are a number of forts, hills that are apt for trekking, stunning water bodies and the 22 acre- Manas Mandir. Because of these, MTDC has declared Shahapur a tourist and holiday destination.

Shahapur has the potential to be one of the most developed towns in the state and given the strategic location and benefits, it ascends other cities. With all the facilities available and being blessed with beauty, Shahapur is the perfect mix of a rural and urban setting. Investment in Shahapur is boosting and it will only be a few years till Shahapur is completely developed making it an all rounder town.

Keeping the aforementioned points in consideration, Mirador Constructions has taken on itself to make Shahapur the Next Mumbai, minus all the pollution, traffic and the hectic lifestyle. Five of our projects are located in and around Shahapur entirely because of its immaculate location and the purity of this place. 
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