1) Why Mirador construction?
Mirador has always stood & strived for transparency & trust in the real estate sector. We believe in delivering the utmost quality on time to all our customers. Mirador has come forward with many revolutionary practices in the real estate market.
2) Why invest in Land?
Land increases in value consistently As the supply is limited and the population is growing.
3) What are the NA Appoved plots?
The land must be NA plot, non-agricultural. The land must have the permission from the Government to build houses and must be clear of the title of agricultural land. All land is agricultural on the outskirts and approval is required to allow construction to come up. Our projects NA approved.
4) What is the USP of our projects?
Its very important to choose the location of the land or plot. The appreciation of the land prices will be high, if it's located near a national highway or easy connectivity through road and railways.Oasis Avani most recently launched is a retreat very close to Mumbai & is a hassle free ride to reach there, just 3.5 kms away from NH-3 & 4.5 kms away from Khardi local railway station. The location is extremely picturesque, surrounded by hills on three sides giving it a feeling of entering into a wonderful yet natural enclosure.Being in an residential zone & falling under DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Zone), also having very close proximity to chemical free, it shall reap appreciation benefits for years to come.A proximity to dam has made compulsion create a pollution free environment. Khardi is now a part of the Shahapur Nagar Panchayat, hence development & monetary funding as been scaled up.
5) Does the fact that nature act as a project differentiator & give it an edge?
Yes it does as for a human beings wellness; one requires each and every element of mother earth to rejuvenate him. Everyone would like an investment in nature.
6) What are the key options and advantages that the our project location ts offers to buyers?
Strategic location on NH-3, in vicinity to Mumbai, walk able distance to the daily & weekly market, Mahuli fort trekking camp & four dams Bhatsa, Tansa, Vaitarna, & Modak Sagar within vicinity. Sustainable development being developed in this entire region e.g. mega townships & IT parks.There are various plot sizes to choose.Unique natural location of the projects gives an added advantage in investment. Vaastu principles have been followed on the premises.
7) How does our project offer individuals an opportunity to invest in a reasonably priced real estate project (especially since most cannot afford to invest within city limits)?
In current scenario it can be observed that real estate prices within Mumbai are stretching beyond reach, but it is necessary for an individual to invest in property for a safe & secure future. Today’s young generation has now realized the importance of investments in real estate & would also favor properties that fit their pocket size. Hence it is a very wise & sensible decision to invest in these plots now which is at a right price & right time. DMIC project has been initiated which is a special corridor from Dadri near Delhi till Dighi port near Mumbai in which have separate passenger & freight corridor along with many manufacturing hubs & smart cities. Khardi Shahapur lies very conveniently in this belt on NH-3 between Mumbai & Nashik, due to which appreciation is bound to happen. The distance between Mumbai & Nashik is soon being converted into a 6-lane highway.
8) Shahapur & Khardi are well connected to the MMR through the National Eastern highway; do you feel the shorter commute makes the location an ideal weekend getaway?
One of the best part of Khardi (Shahapur) is that this is connected well through Central railway routes. Shahapur have more than 7 station in its vicinity. From Investment point of view Shahapur Connects via NH- 3 which is well maintained by Central government. Maharashtra state transports bus runs from Shahapur to Kalyan, Dombivali, Thane and Mumbai. Shared Auto & jeeps are also available on most of all railway station of Shahapur. Khardi Location is easily approachable for buyers via road & railways. One of the nearest a weekend gateway as the distance of travelling from thane is merely 1hr drive away and from Dadar is 1.30 drive away. It is an ideal Second Home/ holiday Home destination as travelling distance is very less in comparison to other second home location like lonavala. Travelling to these location give the same tranquility and Peace we find in lonavala.
9) What is the growth potential of Shahapur & Khardi and what are the key factors that would be driving this growth?
Due to ever increasing population, there is huge demand in Residential Space to accumulate this much population. The Potentiality of shahapur is very huge, due to Delhi- Mumbai Corridor there is greater aspects of development chances. Cidco has already proposed that this place has huge potential to be one of the Megacities suburbs nearer to Mumbai .In coming 10 years people would be shifting more to Nashik, Igatpuri – Sinner belt as Central government have drafted Huge employments’ Generation Programmes in these regions. Very few people know that Igatpuri has been declared as Investment region of Maharashtra Region under Delhi – Mumbai Corridor, We need to grab this golden opportunity.
10) Shahapur & Khardi can gradually evolve into a first home option as well going forward; does this indicate scope for greater returns on investment due to higher value appreciation?
As prices are increasing beyond reach in the MMR region it is pushing demand towards Shahapur. Shahapur and Khardi is eventually getting recognised day by day, by well known builder lobby. Well known bulilder of Central and South Bombay Builder lobby has started their First home mega-township projects. Due to ever increasing price of land the cost of flats are growing higher and higher in near suburbs of Mumbai and Thane such as Kalyan,Dombivali & titwala. Due to ever increasing requirement for affordable properties, builders and commuters are forces to stretch their belts beyond Thane and Mumbai peripherals these. When demands for the more and more affordable house will increase ultimately Land Price will go up fetching the Good amounts of Returns on investment made today.