Milestone 2014

  • Dec 27, 2014
  • Mumbai

A Royal Celebration of Mirador’s Tenth Anniversary on 2014

In the corporate field, age represents strength and protection in an unstable marketplace. A booming anniversary plan should not only remind the past accomplishments but also refers to the future days. And keeping these facts in mind, Mirador celebrated its grand tenth anniversary program. Mirador Builders has brought the right standards to each of the projects related to plot or land. At our annual program of Milestone, 2014, we got the opportunity to review our journey and saw how we had progressed in the last few years.

Our company always strives to offer enough customer satisfaction and acquire worldwide existence, and to achieve this dream, Mirador had arranged the annual program so that the employer would get more stimulation and encouragement to work hard.

 Anniversary program- A great opportunity to publicize our company

With the arrangement of the 10th anniversary program, we got the chance to-

•           Strengthen and validate our brand

•           Shine a very positive highlight on our business during the last few years

•           Draw positive press as well as attention from some industry analysts

•           Establish our company’s longevity just for the high benefit of our customers, workers, community and stockholders

•           Offer a boost to our present marketing programs

•           Launch fresh initiatives

•           Motivate the employee and also the customer loyalty.

•           Emphasize the contributions of our organization to the community and the industry

•           Showcase our business to the existing and potential customers

Our guests and majestic celebration

Our company had celebrated its tenth anniversary program in 2014. We had a remarkable social gathering for all the staffs including our significant customers, business associates and suppliers and so on. The most pleasurable fact is that the employees were invited with their families. In this program of Milestone, 2014 a cheque and also a memento was offered to all the workers, who had already completed 10 years.

Besides, we also celebrated the program with dance shows and fashion show, and all these gave a high entertainment to our employees and our special guests. After all these entertainment programs and the elegant party, we felicitated the workers according to their performance, and this would perhaps increase the desire of every employee to work hard and achieve more to gain the reputation in our department.

Thus, the award function with full of thunderous applause would perhaps remain memorable to all the staffs. And our employees would surely prepare themselves for the next anniversary program