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Diwali-The Old & The New
19-Oct-2017 Real Estate

India is the most festive nation and festivals constitute a major part of the country’s cultural heritage. We have arrived the season of Diwali and we would like to introspect on how with times, our way of celebrating festivals has...

03-Aug-2017 Real Estate

City life is attractive to all. It is fast, glamorous and everyone wants to be a part of it. The exterior of a city looks exciting to all and most of us would want to experience once in our lives. And...

Your Easy Guide on How to Save for a Second Home
25-Jul-2017 Real Estate

Real estate for long has served as an important and valuable avenue for investors. The past decade has seen an evident rise in the number of people making an investment in second homes. While for some it is an investment,...

Unity In Community
05-Jul-2017 Real Estate

Community is not something you can define geographically, with precise boundaries and a certain set of people. Communities can also be specified by a common cultural heritage, language, and beliefs or shared interests. Even though we do not acknowledge it...

Shahapur- A Newer and Better Mumbai
28-Mar-2017 Real Estate

In 2018, the need for living in an urban area and having access to all the facilities has become the top priority for everyone. People from villages and small towns migrate to Mumbai in search of jobs, better lifestyle and...